A Great Large Parrot Cage at a Great Price July 18 2016

This handsome large parrot cage is ideal for your cockatoo, macaw, African grey, galah, eclectus, Amazon, or corella. It features a large play top that relieves boredom and creates an easy space for you to interact with your parrot.
The playpen has its own removal waste tray that makes it simple to keep clean.   The generous 2.8cm spacing of the bars gives the cage an airy appearance. The wrought iron construction with heavy baked power coated paint makes this cage exceptionally durable. The casters are heavy duty for easy moving even in carpeted rooms.  An easy release door latch with safety catches make this cage easy for you to open but secure for your parrot. All the materials in the cage are non-toxic and will not harm your parrot.  

The food bowls are made of food grade stainless steel. The cage also includes a removable tray to make cleaning easy without having to open the cage.

When fully assembled the size: 81 x 58 x 172cm. It is shipped in a flat box that is 131 x 84 x 16.5cm.

We are currently overstocked on the Hamilton Playpen 32 Cage and are offering a $60 discount on the recommended retail price of $449. The cage is yours for only $389 for a limited time or while stocks last.

The cage is not suitable for smaller birds such as love birds or budgies.