A Child's Passion and the Religious Scorpion September 13 2016

Dear Ben

I wanted to congratulate you and your team on the knowledge and customer service that I have received lately at Kellyville Pets. 

My son has been so interested in reptiles and has purchased scorpions, centipedes and lately stick insects, from Kellyville Pets. Every question has been answered and the utmost patience has been shown to a 9 year old boy, that he has taken the animals to school to do talks about them and the scorpion (snippy) is the Kid's soccer mascot. Would you believe the scorpion has even been to Mass.

From my initial purchase I have had the pleasure of purchasing more animals from Patrick and his team in the chicken section.

My son has even asked could we move to Kellyville to be closer to the Kellyville Pets.

Keep up the good work.

Please pass this onto the owner as I'm sure they would like to hear great feedback.

Kind Regards,