Buy your puppy from someone you trust August 18 2016

When my wife past away, I began thinking about a second puppy to bring more presence to our home once again, and also for a companion for George, my other Lab. I've been a customer at Kellyville Pets for many years now, well before you guys moved into the new building there! As kids growing up we'd bought previous dogs, cats, mice, fish tanks, fish, and endless supplies of pet food, toys and accessories through Kellyville Pets. I've also attended Puppy Preschool with Donna several times over the past 13 years or so (the first time was sitting around under a marquee out the front of the old shed store).

So when I began looking into purchasing a second labrador puppy I knew that I could trust Kellyville Pets not only with the puppies and breeders, but also with the process and the overall experience. I like to do my research to make sure I'm making the best choice, and like to do everything right for the new puppy too, and the staff at Kellyville Pets put up with my many returns back to answer all my questions, watch Ted interacting, and giving tips to prepare not only my home, but George also, for the arrival of the second dog. Since bringing Ted home, the followup has been brilliant.

Each time I go back to the store they ask me how Ted is doing, and staff seem genuinely interested. Puppy Preschool has been a brilliant and fun experience (again) not just for Ted, but also for myself. Ted settled in to his new home very quickly, and both George and Ted are inseparable. It's amazing how quickly they became friends, and how quickly Ted has become part of the family. Everything about this experience has been positive and brilliant (the only downside being all the extra poop!) Thank you everyone there at Kellyville Pets!

Comment by a Kellyville Pets customer in response to a post puppy purchase survey.

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Customer bought a puppy from Kellyville Pets in November 2015 

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