Fox Baiting Program - Important Public Notice August 18 2015


Regional Fox Baiting Program

Please be advised that a fox baiting program will soon commence in the local area. The aim of the program is to protect native wildlife including threatened species from fox predation.

1080 poison baits will be laid in the following reserves:

  • Bidjigal Reserve - Managed by The Bidjigal Reserve Trust
  • Eric Mobbs and Excelsior Reserves - Managed by The Hills Shire Council
  • Galaringi Reserve, Lake Parramatta Reserve and Vineyard Creek Reserve Managed by Parramatta City Council




Foxoff poison baits (containing 1080) will be buried in the above listed reserves between Monday 10 August – Saturday 29 August 2015.

Foxoff is designed specifically for fox control. Trained staff will undertake the baiting. Baits will be buried 10cm under the ground to reduce the risk of non-target poisoning.



  • 1080 poison is lethal to dogs and cats
  • The above listed bushland reserves will be closed to dogs (including dogs walking on a lead), during and up to 4 weeks after the fox baiting program.
  • Dogs on leads can return to these reserves on Monday 28 September 2015
  • In an emergency contact The Hills Shire Council on 02 9843 0555 or 02 9843 042


Signs stating “Poison Baits Containing 1080” and “Dogs Prohibited” will be displayed in the relevant parks and reserves to notify the public about the program.

For further information, or if you notice that one or more of the signs has been vandalised or is missing please contact The Hills Shire Council on 02 9843 0555 or 02 9843 0429.

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