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Kitty litter and cat litter trays are the most important cat accessories when you own a cat, and luckily, litter and accessories available online in Australia at Kellyville Pets!

As all cats should live indoors, especially at night, it is very important for them to have a place to go to the toilet. Some cats can be very fussy about the type of cat litter they use. Kitty litter comes in lots of different shapes and textures. At Kellyville Pets we have a large range of cat litter and kitty litter trays available online and in store.


Cat Litter Trays
A basic kitty litter tray is a plastic tray with high sides. A plastic litter tray is easy to clean and hygienic. A flatter tray with lower sides is great for kittens, elderly cats or cats that do not like confined spaces.
A hooded cat litter tray is a great way to disguise and hide your cat's toileting area. Cat faeces and urine can have a very strong odour so keeping it enclosed within a hooded litter tray can control much of the odour.
A hooded kitty litter tray will sometimes also have a carbon filter in the top of the hood, this also helps to remove the bad ammonia odour and keep it from contaminating the air.

The OZpet Cat Loo is a great odourless cat litter tray. When the litter in the OZpet Cat Loo gets wet the particles breakdown and can then be shaken into the base tray. Fresh litter is then placed in the top section when required. This will aid in removing the ammonia smell and providing your cat with clean and fresh litter when they do to the toilet.

Self-cleaning cat litter trays are a product of the future. The self-cleaning litter tray is an innovative product that requires very little maintenance and provides owners with an easy option for multi cat households. The rake automatically sweeps waste into the covered compartment 20 minutes after your cat uses the litter box. It is the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays to provide hands-off convenience and unbeatable odour control.
ScoopFree® is the self-cleaning cat litter box you can leave alone for weeks at a time.
For homes with more than 1 cat it can be inconvenient to have more than 1 litter tray around the house when the cats refuse to use the same one, with the ScoopFree automatic cat litter tray multiple cats will happily use the same as they won’t have to come in contact with the other cats business.
Automatic litter tray replacement trays are available for purchase online. Only needing to be replaced every 2-4 weeks depending on how many cats live in the household. The replacement cat litter tray is filled with Premium Blue Crystal Cat Litter, for unbeatable odour control.

Crystal kitty litter is antibacterial making it safe for any household. Active odour control is a great feature of crystal kitty litter. Cat litter crystals are super absorbant and long lasting

Breeder’s choice paper kitty litter is an extra absorbent, environmentally friendly Cat litter. Breeder’s choice can also be used for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Mice. Breeders Choice pellets are made from 99% recycled paper with no additives or chemicals. Breeder’s choice kitty litter is clean, odourless, dust-free and sterile at the point of manufacture.

Catlux flushable Clumping cat Litter is lightweight and provides great odour control and excellent absorbency while being environmentally friendly as a product of sustainable logging and flushable cat litter is made from softwood particles blended with Bentonite.