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Dog bowls
Wanting to buy dog bowls online?
At Kellyville pets we have a large range of dog food bowls and dog water bowls available online or in store.
Dog Bowls are an essential accessory needed to own a dog. Dog food must be served every day in a clean dog bowl and fresh water must also be provided daily. Dog bowls need to be easy to clean and strong enough for the most excitable eaters.
We have dog water bowls and dog food bowls available to suit all sizes and breeds of dog.


Plastic dog bowls
Plastic dog bowls are easy to clean and reliable, some feature rubber feet so the dog does not push the plastic dog bowl around on the ground as it eats or drinks. Due to the light weight nature of these bowls some playful dogs may like to pick up its dog bowl and move it from place to place.

Heavier plastic dog bowls are available in a range of bright colours with a second circular Stainless steel bowl inside. These plastic dog bowls also feature a rubber ring around the base for stability.
Food bowls for large dogs

Elevated dog food bowls are great for large breed dogs or dogs with especially long ears. Elevated dog bowls can prevent large breed, deep chested dogs from getting bloat as their oesophagus is not as restricted by bending the neck as they eat or drink.
Long eared dogs tend to end up with the tips of their ears covered in food or water as their ears dip into their dog food bowls or dog water bowls. An elevated bowl allows for the dogs long ears to hang over the side of the dog bowl and not get in the way of the dog eating.

Stainless steel dog bowls are great for all dogs, particularly messy eaters. Stainless steel dog bowls are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. These bowls are particularly durable even if a destructive dog decided to use its dog bowl as a toy.
Most stainless steel dog bowls feature rubber bases to prevent the dog bowl from skidding across the floor while the dog eats or drinks.

Ceramic dog water bowls are strong and heavy. Great for large or excitable dogs as they are less likely to pick up their water bowl.
Ceramic water bowls will help to keep the dogs water fresh and cool as the ceramic works as an insolation.
Designer dog bowls
At Kellyville pets we have a great range of beautiful designer dog bowls. Designer dog bowls will match any home décor. With a range of bright colours, fashionable colours and patterns, designer dog bowls will look fantastic in any home or outdoor area.

Water fountains are terrific to keep your dog’s water fresh. As the water re-circulates through the filter it will remove any debris and keep the dogs water from becoming stagnant.
Stainless steel buckets are a great alternative to stainless steel dog bowls. The deep buckets hold extra water for big or energetic dog that drink lots of water. Stainless steel dog water buckets are also useful on hot days when your dog may need lots of water or if you are not home to give fresh water for a few days.