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Giving responsible pet parents a better way to pick up their pooch’s poop.


Even the cutest pets can leave some not-so-cute messes. In those situations, pick up is probably not very high on your list of fun activities. This is why Bags on Board was created.

Bags on Board provide responsible pet parents with compact, refillable dispensers that attach to any type of leash and contain a roll of pick-up bags designed to easily dispose of your pet’s waste. These products are convenient, stylish and always close at hand.

With Bags on Board you’re guaranteed products that are easy to use and keep the mess where it belongs… in a bag and in the waste bin.

Pet waste pick up is a necessity. For responsible pet parents who make it a habit to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, Bags on Board provides strong, reliable solutions that make the job a lot less yucky and are good for the environment.

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