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Looking for cat beds for sale?

Secure Online Ordering with delivery of your new cat bed right to your door Australia wide. We have a huge range of cat Beds to cater to every cat’s needs and your home decor.

A place to sleep for your cat is important if you want to keep cat fur out of your bed or off your couch!
Our range of Cat beds available include self-warming cat beds, igloo cat beds, designer cat beds, luxury cat beds, cat hammocks and cat window look-out beds.


Self-Warming Cat Beds
These are made from a special thermo reflective fibre to radiate warmth generated from your cat’s body heat back towards them without any need for electricity. Also machine washable for your convenience.

Indoor cat beds 
Spoilt kitties may be used to sleeping in their owner’s bed, with Kellyville Pets' range of soft cat beds, your cat will happily sleep in its own bed. These comfy cat beds are great for indoors, with plush high sides and a soft base, even the most spoilt cat will enjoy them. Our igloo style cat beds will make timid cats feel safe and happy. Pod cat beds give cats some privacy or a place to call their own.

Cat hammocks 
Cats love to sleep up high off the ground. A hammock is a great place for any cat to rest. They can be hung inside a cattery or under a covered back patio area. For the youngest kittens to older cats, any cat will love a hammock to lounge around in.

Cat window look-out bed 
Cats love to look outside and watch the world pass them by, doing this with the safety of being indoors is best so that cats can’t get themselves into trouble with their curiosity.
A cat window look-out will allow a cat to sit close to the window and soak up the sunlight without ruining your window sills.