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Although cats do a lot of their own grooming it is important that we as owners still take responsibility for their skin and coat maintenance.

At Kellyville Pets we have all you need to easily care for your cat’s skin and coat and look after all your cats grooming needs.


Many long haired cats get very knotty coats and need regular baths and daily brushing.

What shampoo should I use on my cat?
At our store we have a large variety of cat shampoos, great for any life stage from kittens to senior cats and any coat type. Different cat shampoo and cat conditioner choices include- kitten Shampoo and kitten conditioner, cat Oatmeal shampoo and cat oatmeal conditioner, De-shedding shampoo for cats that lose a lot of fur and other assorted fragrance Shampoo and conditioners.

What brush is good for my cat’s coat?
As every cats coat type is different here at Kellyville pets we have a huge range or different cat brushes, from slicker brushes which can be used on majority of cat coats to “Furminators” for the worst seasonal or year round coat shedders. We have everything you need to keep your cat’s fur shiny, smooth, tangle free and healthy.
Long coated cats tend to need a good quality cat comb, this will allow mattes and knots on your cat to be removed easily without the need of clipping the fur.

Brushing your cat is also a great bonding experience as well as a fantastic opportunity to check the cat’s skin for cut and scratches, fleas or ticks. There is no safe tick prevention for cats on the market so regularly checking their skin for ticks is an absolute must.