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Cat treats
From catnip to chicken, there's plenty here to give your cat an indulgent treat every once in a while - and with our fantastic advanced nutrition range you can give your cat the treats to keep them in great health, too! We also have treats that clean your cat's teeth.


Australian cat treats
Cat treats from Kellyville Pets include cat grass, chicken, kangaroo, Tuna & seafood treats and other healthy cat treats for your feline friend.
Looking for a delicious, all-natural crunchy treat your kitty will go crazy for? We recommend Australian Pet Treats, prepared from fresh meat and 100% Australian made. These treats are cut to a size that is easy for your cat to pick up in their mouth and chew in one piece rather than breaking it up and making a mess. Meaty cat treats are a great source of protein, iron and omega 3 and 6 for your cat’s health and wellbeing when given along with a healthy balanced diet.

Dental cat treats
Cats are known for their smelly breath, there are cat dental trets to prevent and treat bad cat breath.
Cat Greenies are fantastic for promoting good cat dental hygiene. Made from vegetable extract a couple of cat Greenies can be given every day along with a healthy diet. Can greenies clean to teeth of plaque and tarter to improve bad breath. Cat dental greenies come in 2 flavours for even the most fussy of cats.
Pit’r’pat cat dental treats are pocket sized tins of cat treats that freshens cats breath. These 12g resealable tins of fish shaped treats are candy for cats that are liver flavoured cat dental treats.