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Dog beds!

Looking for dog beds in Australia?

Our huge range of Dog Beds to cater to every dog's needs. Massive range of dog beds to suit your home decor. Secure Online Ordering with delivery of your new dog bed right to your door Australia wide.

A place to sleep for your dog is important if you want to keep dog fur out of your bed or off your couch!

Our range of dog beds available in Sydney includes self-warming dog beds, snuggly dog beds, waterproof dog beds, beds for puppies, tough dog beds, cooling dog beds, designer dog beds, luxury dog beds dog futons and dog mats.


Outdoor dog beds
If your dog is sleeping outside it is important to keep your dog either in a dog kennel or undercover area protected from the elements. An appropriate bed is a must. Trampoline dog beds are great for an undercover, protected area as they are up off the ground and prevents your dog getting a cold belly or to help elderly dogs with bad joints. Trampoline dog beds are available with a warm comfy cover or a pillow top for extra comfort, and are available at Kellyville pets.

Some dogs may also enjoy a bed with a soft base and high sides “Bono Fido Stay Dry’ beds are great for this as their strong materiel walls and cushion make a dog feel protected and comfortable.

A plastic high sided dog bed would also be great for outdoors as they are easy to clean and the high sides will make any dog feel safe and protected for the wind.

The perfect dog bed to go inside your dog’s dog house is water proof and flea resistant with a removable cover for ease of cleaning.

Indoor dog beds
Spoilt dogs may be used to sleeping in their owner’s bed, with Kellyville Pets' range of soft dog beds, your dog will happily sleep in its own bed. These comfy dog beds are great for indoors, with plush high sides and a soft base, even the most spoilt dog will enjoy them!

Warming Dog Bed-
Available online or in store, we have a great range of warming dog beds. Our range includes a warming pet mat that is the most economical heating device for keeping your pets warm in winter. This dog heating mat is Low Voltage, Waterproof & washable. Heating dog mats are available in small, medium and large sizes.

Kellyville Pets also have a Self-Warming dog bed available. Self-warming dog beds are made from a special thermo reflective fibre to radiate warmth generated from your dog’s body heat back towards them without any need for electricity. Also machine washable for your convenience.