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Reptiles living in captivity do not always get the calcium and vitamin D to metabolize calcium that they would get from living outdoors in the wild. For this reason Kellyville Pets has all the reptile supplements and medications available online or in-store needed to give your reptile a happy and healthy life.



A few supplements available are-

Multical dust may be used in all species of reptile and incorporated with any food type.

Multical Dust is a veterinary formulated, all in one Calcium, Vitamin and Mineral supplement for addition to live insects, fruit and vegetables. Recommended for: All reptiles in need of calcium, vitamin and mineral support. Key features: The world’s only calcium, vitamin and mineral dusting supplement - making supplementation easier. Super fine powder that sticks to feeder insects and stays on, ensuring reptiles receive the nutrition they need. Can also be applied to fruit and vegetables. Dust insects by placing in a bag with the Multi-cal Dust and gently shaking to coat the insect. Feed Multi-cal coated food immediately to the reptile.


REP-CAL's "sea vegetation" base is rich in essential trace elements and minerals. Furthermore, HERPTIVITE contains precise levels of vitamins and minerals combined in perfect balance to ensure correct utilization of protein and other essential nutrients for growth, reproduction, maintenance and many aspects of your reptile's bodily functions

Rep-Cal's Herptivite is a superior multi-vitamin, multi mineral and amino acid food supplement developed from the latest findings in reptile and amphibian nutritional research


Scientifically formulated from 100% natural Oyster Shell phosphorous-free calcium carbonate with added Vitamin D3 to aid in the absorption of calcium.

Rep-Cal Ultra-fine (fine grind) is an excellent source of calcium for all reptiles and amphibians.