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Black Hawk is very proud to be 100% Australian made & owned. They are all about good health and well being for your pets. Their recipes reflect a strong commitment toward quality, while also maintaining an affordable price. Black Hawk is known to be the affordable, super premium food.


There are many different schools of thought regarding what holistic means. Some believe holistic simply means natural, while others believe holistic to embody not only a diet of whole foods, but an overall lifestyle embracing mind, body and spirit for inner health, peace and wellbeing. Black Hawk sits in the middle of these two extremes and believes holistic food to have a multitude of health benefits from the inside out. Holistic foods incorporate functional ingredients that are whole foods which have individual or associated benefits for optimal health and wellbeing.

Being holistic does not mean the food is created without the benefit of science and research. The Black Hawk base recipe was scientifically developed with guidance from a world renowned pet food research and development team, having extensive experience in pet nutrition. It is from this base recipe that Black Hawk, as we know it today, was created. All recipes are scientifically formulated to be complete and balanced, while also meeting the AAFCO standards for growth and maintenance of puppies, kittens, cats and dogs.

Black Hawk has a range of dog food to suit most breeds and life stages of your pet. Original Recipes are highly palatable and offer an affordable, super premium diet. The added benefit of brown rice and other digestible grains are an excellent source of carbohydrates. For dogs who may have an intolerance to grains in their diet, there is also have a range of Grain Free Recipes to cater to these needs.

Black Hawk has a range of cat food for all life stages of your pet. They have a range of Original Recipes designed to satisfy the fussiest of felines with the added benefit of brown rice, which supplies natural dietary fibre for healthy digestion. Some cats do not respond well to added carbohydrates in their diet, for this reason they have developed a Grain Free option to satisfy their more specific dietary needs.