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Border Collie

Border Collie Breed Information:

The Border Collie was developed to gather and control sheep in the hilly border country between Scotland and England. He is known for his intense stare, or "eye," with which he controls his flock. He's a dog with unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive, all of which make him a premier herding dog; he's still used today to herd sheep on farms and ranches around the world. The highly trainable and intelligent Border Collie also excels in various canine sports, including obedience, flyball, agility, tracking, and flying disc competitions.

Border Collie Size/Weight:

Height: 50- 60cm, Weight: up to 25kg

Border Collie Life Span:

12-15 years

Border Collie Temperament:

The Border Collie is a loving, sweet, gentle and happy breed of dog. It is sociable, brave and extremely intelligent. The Border Collie is excellent with children and generally good with other dogs. Collies are determined and watchful, and require patient, firm training. They are an intelligent breed and like to please their masters but must clearly be shown what is required - owners must be firm and consistent. If one does not begin training early and continue with firm commands, then this intelligent and independent breed can be difficult to house break.

Border Collie Grooming:

The Border Collie coat can vary between the individual dog. The Border Collie has a double coat with the guard coat longer than the undercoat and needs to be groomed every 4 – 8 weeks, with more frequent grooming during the shedding seasons of spring and summer when they change coats. As long as the undercoat is removed the outer guard coat will provide shade for your dog. Regular brushing throughout the week should keep the shedding to a minimum. Like all dog breeds, it is important to make sure their ears are properly dried after their bath and ears and eyes are regularly checked and kept clean and nails trimmed.

Border Collie Exercise Requirements:

Border Collies are a very high energy breed so they will require daily walks as well as regular cardio exercise such as throwing a ball in the back yard or park. If they are well socialised and outgoing, it is also a good idea to take them to parks or other pet friendly areas, where they can interact with other dogs and people - being a very social breed, they can get a little stir crazy cooped up at home all the time.

Did You Know?

The Border Collie gets its names from its early ancestors, dogs developed and bred in the border lands between England and Scotland which were highly prized for their herding abilities.


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