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FREE Shipping Available! T&C's apply.
FREE Shipping Available! T&C's apply.


CHIPSI litter consists of completely natural wood and plant fibres – without the least trace
of chemical additives.

Nature, as we know, always has the best solutions. So wood is particularly effective for absorbing moisture. Straw makes a soft bed, and animals love using it to line their nests. Hay consists of mown grass and green plants, and contains all the important vitamins that are especially beneficial to rabbits and guinea pigs.

CHIPSI pet products consist of wood, cellulose, hay, straw, maize or hemp. Over the many years in which we have been concerned with plant-based animal litter, we have discovered the best ways of processing these plants in order to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

At the same time your little friend can busy himself to his heart’s content, or go under cover to get some R&R. Or play with you, if he feels so inclined!

CHIPSI makes your animals feel naturally good!