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Do you suffer from your dog Digging Holes in your Backyard and making a mess? Chewing on your outdoor furniture? Eating all your Garden Hoses? Does your dog suffer from being left alone (BORED) all day when you are away?

Introducing… the Revolutionary Foobler Dog Toy

The Most Advanced and Engaging Dog Toy ever made, that is Making Dogs Australia wide wag their tail. It keeps your Dog playing an interactive and learning game for up to 9 hours, dispensing food throughout the day.


It’s the first interactive Dog Toy that rewards your 4 legged friend by intermittently dispensing food to your Dog as a reward for playing with the Foobler Toy. It’s even got a real bell that “Dings” when food is dispensed.
It’s a self-reloading Dog puzzle feeder for your dog. It challenges, stimulates and feeds your dog for up to 9 hours.

You know a dog’s natural instinct is to hunt for food (not get it from the Supermarket). Hunting for food, keeps a Dog’s brain and body active and engaged. A key sign of a Dog that is bored and wants entertainment and fun is chewed outdoor furniture or many dug up holes in the backyard.


The Foobler is an automatic self-reloading puzzle feeder with 6 timer activated pods.
It’s like having 6 puzzle toys in one, that deliver a full day’s worth of regular kibble or treats for them to enjoy.
There are many pet puzzle toys and time release feeders available, however, nothing has filled the product gap between the two. The Foobler enables controlled feeding because it eliminates overfeeding in a single meal, or worse, over-filled bowls left out for continuous snacking.

The top 6 ways to help your dog:
Doggy Fun: Dogs are just like us humans who love to play, be entertained and have food treats during the day. How you would feel, being left alone all day with nothing TO DO (it would be very boring, even stressful). The Foobler keeps your doggy happy and entertained when you are not around.

Reducing Bad Behaviour: Well chewed furniture is often a sign of a bored dog who will do anything to keep itself happy. The Foobler will give your Dog an outlet to use it’s energy and focus, rather than taking it out on your furniture
Healthy treats: The Foobler lets you set the timer for when the kibbles (the dry dog food you put inside the Foobler) to be released. It means you know your Doggy will be treated to healthy treats through the day to give it an energy boost and reward

Brain Development: Our 4 legged friends us just like us. The more we play, entertain and engage in activities, the more alert we are (unlike sitting in front of the television all day). As the Foobler is an interactive toy that dispenses food at set times, it will keep your alert and focused.

Maintains your Dog’s True Nature: A dog’s DNA is to hunt and forage for food and to challenged daily to keep it active. This is especially for Dog’s with an inquisitive mind such as Golden retrievers, Labradors and German Shepherds. The Foobler puzzle will keep them trying new ways to play with the Toy to give them a reward.

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