I.D tags are very important for all dogs to have on their collar at all times.
If your dog gets lost and someone finds your dog they will be able to read your dog’s identification tags to learn its name as well as get in touch with you, the owner, and return the dog safely home.


At Kellyville pets we engrave custom Identification tags. We have a large range of identification tags small enough for cats, puppies and small dogs to extra-large tags for big dogs.
There are some bling tags with diamantes and nice patterns or plain simple tags for extra information. Most people choose to write their dog’s name, their address and phone number. There is generally enough room for 2 phone numbers if the owner chooses.
An example of the most informative identification tag is-
Front- dogs name eg. Max
Back- address + phone numbers eg.
14 colins st
Richmond nsw
0410 623 589
8834 2365