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Live Crickets Tub Medium

Medium Live Crickets or 1.25cm (1/2 inch) These Australian crickets have NO wings, very easy for reptiles and amphibians to digest and are an ideal live food for your reptile.1/2 inch live crickets are approximately 3 weeks old. Tub contains approximately 40 crickets.

Crickets will live untouched for a full week on the shelf after received , because they are either packed fresh for same day delivery or the evening before dispatch for country and interstate customers. 

To keep crickets alive and Healthy we recommend the use of Aqua Load this product contains a Vitamin C and Calcium fortified hydration cube provides insects with a clean and safe water source. Easily handled cubes eliminate drowned insects, unhealthy moldy sponges and rotting fruit/vegies.

**please keep in mind during the warmer weather that while its great to get your reptiles out in the sun, they are extremely sensitive to heat! Make sure you monitor your reptiles while they are outside, and only sun them for short increments! 

*We do not ship crickets on Fridays (to avoid them sitting at the depot) or on days that are over 30 degrees as crickets suffer in the heat. We can also offer next day delivery of live crickets in most Sydney Metro areas if you select our Courier post option.


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