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Polly's Pet Products, Inc. is the culmination of a life-long love of pet birds. Their original effort was to raise and sell exotic birds. One branch of their efforts involved developing a unique perch that would wear down a bird's nails as it occurs in the wild. With the assistance and advice of Dr. Bran Ritchie, veterinarian and Professor of Psittacine Research at the University of Georgia, they developed a cement-based perch that would naturally wear down a bird's nails, but would not harm a bird's feet. The product is sold as "Polly's® Pastel Perch," with its motto "Never Trim Your Bird's Nails Again."

Tooty Fruity, and Cuttlebone Calcium banana split perches really fly off the shelves because they are edible. Find Pollys products to help with your birds health and well being here at Kellyville Pets!

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