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Aquarium lights are a vitally important part of an aquarium setup and help with maintaining a biological balance. Having adequate lighting in your fish tank will keep your fish and plants happy and healthy. Even though your fish are in an aquarium inside your home, they still need to experience light as they would in nature so you want to be sure to provide around 12 hours of light a day.


Fish tank lighting is an important part of an aquarium setup. At Kellyville Pets, we want to ensure you have the correct aquarium lighting, which helps maintain the correct biological balance in your aquarium. We have a range of T5 Aquarium lights, LED aquarium lights, fluorescent and incandescent lights, freshwater aquarium lighting, LED lights for reef tanks and marine aquarium lighting for sale. We will help you ensure you are using the correct, most beneficial light and efficient light in your fish tank. If you can’t make it in store, no worries, we have aquarium lighting available online and deliver to Sydney and all around Australia.

Why do I need aquarium lighting?

Aquarium lighting not only helps make your fish tank look better but also helps with creating biological balance helping to keep your fish and plants healthy. Aquarium lighting for plants and coral is vital and they will not survive in your fish tank environment without it. So it is important that a source of light is available in your fish tank at least 12 hours a day to promote plant growth and fish growth and help provide nutrients.

Algae Growth

Ideally aquarium lights should be changed every 12 months as after this time even though they still emit light, the spectrum of light will have changed which can promote unwanted algae growth. We also suggest to have your aquarium lights on a timer as if you leave them on for too long unwanted algae can also grow.

So come down to Kellyville Pets and visit our friendly aquarium team today for more information about fish tank lighting and choosing the right aquarium lights for you!