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Cats hate a messy home but sometimes they are the reason for the mess! It is very common for male cats in particular to spray their urine when they are not de-sexed. They are marking their territory and without de-sexing it is hard to prevent.

Cat urine has a very strong smell and can be extremely difficult to remove.


How do I remove cat wee and poo stains and smells from my home?
To remove urine odours you can use an enzyme-based product that removes stains as well. When removing poop stains, these specially engineered enzymes breakdown unpleasant organic compounds of urine and poo stains and odours. Our Staff would recommend Urine-Off.

How can I find where my cat has urinated after it has dried?
To find where a cat has urinated after its dry You can use an LED blue light torch which when used in the dark will light up where the dog has urinated even if its dried urine.

How can I prevent smells from my cats litter tray?
To prevent smells from kitty litter trays it is best to use an enclosed kitty litter tray. To prevent smells from cat urine or faeces a carbon filter can be used. A litter tray carbon filter is placed in the top of an enclosed kitty litter tray and smells are trapped in the filter.