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Dog cleaning and hygiene:
Being a responsible pet owner means a lot more than simply providing fresh food and water. It also means cleaning up after your dog, whether it be picking up poo while on a walk, house training or cleaning up the hair left behind after a dog sheds its coat.
Also keeping your home clean and hygienic by using the correct cleaning products for your dog’s bed as well as your home and yard.
We have all the products to help you achieve a clean and hygienic living situation for you and your dog.


How do I toilet train my dog?
House training a puppy is one of the first things you teach your dog when bringing it home. Toilet training your dog can be a long process but having the correct equipment will help you house train your dog. Piddle pads for your puppy are a great option when a dog is being confined at night or when you are not home to be with your puppy. You can use piddle pads for your dog by placing them around your home where you are happy for the dog to be weeing and pooing. Training Pads for puppies are perfect for toilet training puppies or to use for incontinent senior dogs. With super-absorbent polymer technology and a triple leak-guard quilted design it is ideal for that difficult house-breaking period of your puppy. The use of a powerful attractant urges your puppy or dog to toilet on the pad and helps to minimise accidents a puppy has within the house.
Our experienced Team at Kellyville pets recommend Dogit Puppy Training Pads or Yours Droolly Training Pads.

Where does my dog or puppy go to the toilet if I have no lawn?
If you live in an apartment you can either use Training pads or a fake grass spot if you have no lawn. Training your dog to use fake grass or training pads is easy with a pheromone scent already incorporated in the training pads and synthetic grass. As well as the dogs natural instinct to use grass for toileting.
The GoSpot Doggy Toilet is appropriate for this. Replacement GoSpot Doggy Toilet pads are also available.

How do I remove dog wee and poo stains and smells from my carpet?
To remove dog wee odours you can use an enzyme-based product that removes stains as well. When removing poo stains these specially engineered enzymes breakdown unpleasant organic compounds of urine and poo stains and odours. Our Staff would recommend Urine-Off, S.O.X Stain and Odour Remover or Piss Off odour absorber.

How can I find where my dog has urinated after it has dried?
To find where a dog has urinated after its dry You can use an LED blue light torch which when used in the dark will light up where the dog has urinated even if its dried urine.

How can I remove dog poo from my yard?
Cleaning and hygiene are an important part of being a responsible pet owner. Picking up mess after your dog is extremely important you need to keep your yard clean and free from poo, making it a safe and clean place to use and for children to play.
Pooper scoopers are a great way of achieving this. Pooper scoopers are a way of collecting your dog’s poo, using a pooper scooper with a long handle mean you do not need to be close to the dog poo, meaning less chance of touching or smelling dog poo.

How can I pick up and dispose of dog poo during walks?
Its very important as a responsible pet owner that you pick up your dog’s poo when on a walk in public.
To do this efficiently the use of disposable dog poo bags are ideal. Most dog poo bags are biodegradable.

How can I carry dog poo bags when walking and running?
You can use a poo bag dispenser. A dog poo bag dispenser dog poo bags can be conveniently connected to your dog’s leash and carried effortlessly on a walk.
You could also use a dog walking belt. Which has the space for dog poo bags and a small phone or money and ID. A dog waking belt is easily carried around the waist.

How do I get dog fur off my clothes and furniture?
To remove dog hair from clothes and furniture you can use a lint roller to remove the fur. A lint roller is Sticky paper for removing pet hair, lint and dust from clothes and upholstery.

How do I get rid of dog smell from my dogs bed?
Bedding Spray for dog and cat bedding, kills 99.9% of odour causing bacteria on your dogs bed. It is designed for daily use and ideal for all fabric pet beds. The Bedding Spray will leave your pets bed cleaner with a fresh linen fragrance.

How can I stop my dog from smelling bad?
To stop doggy smell you can use a product that is a dog deodorant. A product that removed dog smell contains absorbable Lanolin, which releases a luxurious glow and glossiness to coat. A convenient spray application also assists to maintain the coat's strength and healthiness to help avoid dry knots and matted tangles.