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If you think your fish tank needs a little something to decorate it or give it a bit more life, at Kellyville Pets, we have a huge range of fish tank decorations for sale, as well as aerating fish tank ornaments and aquarium backgrounds.


Fish Tank Decorations and Aerating Tank Ornaments

At Kellyville Pets, we have a huge range aerating aquarium ornaments which help oxygenating water while adding colour, life and entertainment to your fish tank environment. We have a wide range of Spongebob Squarepants fish tank decorations as well as skulls, castles, bridges, treasure, small and large buildings, rock formations, hollow logs, and fake plant tank decorations.

If your not sure on what decorations will look good, come down to the store and our friendly aquarium staff will help you with some great fish tank decoration ideas and you can check out our huge range of fish tank decorations.

Fish Tank Backgrounds

At Kellyville Pets, we stock a range of aquarium backgrounds for small, medium and large tanks. Our rock backgrounds come in a range of different textures, some also having ledges or crevices for further effect. 

At Kellyville Pets we deliver Sydney wide and all around Australia, so if you’re looking for aquarium decorations and backgrounds online and can’t make it in store, we can deliver to you! You are sure to find the right decorations and backgrounds at Kellyville Pets.