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Cat food
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Our range of premium cat food includes Australian made pet food Advance, Hills Science Diet, Eukanuba, Supercoat, Royal Canin, Black Hawk, Proplan and Iams.


With high-quality dry cat food, you can help your cat stay healthy by ensuring you can give the nutrients needed. Our range cover food for kittens, food for indoor cats, food for overweight cats and food for senior cats. We also have a large range of canned food and pouched wet cat food and a comprehensive range of Pet food online.

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Cat Food
Here at Kellyville pets we stock the best quality super premium cat food in Australia. We have cat food available to buy online or in store.

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We stock both wet cat food in tins and dry cat kibble.
Our large cat food range consists of the correct food for all cat life stages, from kitten food right up to senior cat food diets.
We also stock cat food for specific health needs and breed requirements.

What do I feed my cat?
To decide the correct food for your cat or kitten you must consider the cats’ age, size, weight, breed, energy and dietary requirements.

Wet cat food or dry cat kibble?
Cat food can come in a dry kibble form or a wet tinned or pouched form. Wet food is great for elderly cats with few or no teeth, young kittens with small teeth or cats after dental cleaning or surgery. Tinned food will also help fussy cats gain interest in food. Cat wet food could also be given as a treat.
A dry cat food biscuit is extremely beneficial to your cat’s health in many different ways. For dental health a dry cat biscuit will help clean your cat’s teeth as well has being high in fibre for ease of digestion.
A good quality tinned food would be the same ingredients and nutritional value as the equivalent dry food but slightly more moist. Poor quality tinned food is around 75% water which in not beneficial to your cat.

Can I feed my cat and dog the same food?
It is not advised for a dog to eat cat food but a cat CAN NOT EAT dog food. Cats must have Taurine in their diet which dog food does not contain.

Cat food by age

What do I feed my adult cat?
When deciding what to feed an adult cat the breed requirements must be taken into consideration.
Adult cat food is available online or in store at Kellyville Pets.

An active outdoor cat must eat a diet high in fat to minimise burning lean muscle and meet high demanding energy needs.
A quiet indoor cat would be better suited to a dry cat food that forces them to chew their food as they can get quite lazy and that is low in fat and carbs to prevent them from putting on weight.

What cat food do I feed my kitten?
A kitten under 12 months must always be on a kitten specific food as their bones and muscles are growing quickly. Premium kitten food in Australia has added DHA for healthy development of eyes, brain and learning ability. Premium kitten food is available online or in store at Kellyville Pets. An appropriate kitten food must be offered as early as 4 weeks of age either in a wet dog food form or a watered down kibble for when the kitten is ready to start weaning off their mother’s milk.
Kitten food formulas have optimum levels of calcium for controlled bone growth as well as L-Carnitine for strong muscles and joints
Wet pouch kitten food also is great for fussy kittens or for kittens who don’t have teeth yet but are ready to start weaning from their mother’s milk.

What do I feed my elderly cat?
Mature cats have very different dietary requirements to their younger counterparts. Eldery cats need higher levels of glucosamine and chondroitin in their cat food for joint and muscle health and higher levels of beneficial L-carnitine to burn fat and maintain healthy body condition.

Special cat food dietary requirements

What do I feed my overweight cat?
When feeding a fat or 'over-loved' cat it is important to feed a high quality cat food and be strict with their diets. This means giving them less treats and snacks from the dinner table and sticking to a low fat, low carbohydrate cat food. Light cat food is available online.

What do I feed my cat with poor oral health?
A cat uses its teeth for eating, protection and showing body language. A specific oral health cat food is best for any cat with poor dental health. A cats teeth are one of the most important tools a cat has. A diet high in fibre is clinically proven to reduce tartar in the cat’ mouth and plaque build-up while increasing whole body health. Cat Kibble shape that is designed for dental health will also improve oral health.
What do I feed my cat that has a sensitive stomach?
A cat with a sensitive tummy need a diet with a high quality protein as well as a gentle fibre.
A gentle fibre in a cat’s diet with a sensitive stomach will aid in bowel function and prevents diarrhoea and constipation.

How do I know if my cat has a sensitive stomach?
A cat with a sensitive stomach will have a lot of gas. A cat with wind could be caused as the food it is consuming is too high in protein or carbohydrates. Wind in a cat could also be a sign that a particular ingredient in the cat’s food does not agree with the cat’s stomach and is causing bowel irritation. Some cats have a noisy tummy which means it is struggling to expel gas.
Another clear sign that a cat may have a sensitive tummy is that the cat may be vomiting.

A cat may have a temporarily upset stomach if their cat food is changed dramatically, it is important to slowly change your cat’s diet if the cat’ diet needs to be changed. This is done by adding the new food to the current cat food over a few days: for example day 1 would be 75% original food to 25% new cat food, day 2 would consist of 50% original cat food to 50% new cat food, day 3 25% original food to 75% new food, day 4 can then be 100% new cat food. Slowly changing a cat’s diet will prevent upset stomachs, vomiting and diarrhoea in dogs.

What do I feed my cat with sensitive skin?
A cat food high in vitamin E will improve your cat’s skin health while promoting a healthy, glossy coat.
To pick a cat food for a cat with sensitive skin, a high quality protein must be used. For example a cat with sensitive skin needs a protein such as fish like salmon or tuna, or lamb or chicken based cat food which is gentle on the cats’ stomach and in turn improves your cat’s skin health. A diet high in omega 3 and omega 6 is best for a cat with sensitive skin.

What do I feed a pregnant cat?
A diet high in vitamin C and vitamin E consumed by a pregnant cat will provide the building blocks for a healthy immune system of the kittens. Added DHA in the cat food for a pregnant queen will develop healthy development of brain and eyes in the kittens.
It is important for a pregnant queen to have extra fat, protein and carbohydrates in her food as she is growing her kittens. A kitten formula is best to feed a pregnant cat. Kitten food is available online for delivery.

What do I feed my nursing cat?
It is best to feed a lactating queen on the same kitten food formula as the pregnant cat was eating during pregnancy. A lactating cat needs extra calories to sustain her own health while feeding her kittens. A nursing queen eating a low calorie diet while nursing kittens while suffer from poor body condition as well as a dull coat and sometimes constipation as the kittens are consuming the nursing queens much needed nutrients.

Breed specific cat food
Some cat breeds have special dietary requirements to prevent known genetic problems in the cat’s life.
For example breeds with small mouths may require a particular shaped kibble designed for easy pick up. Or cat breeds with known joint problems will benefit for a diet high in glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.
Breed specific diets are available for quite a few breeds, ragdolls, Maine coons, British shorthairs, Persian, Siamese.