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Pug Breed Information:

The Pug is keen, with a happy-go-lucky attitude. Animated, peppy and spirited, it is loyal, loving and affectionate with its family. Playful, lively and rambunctious, it is sure to keep you laughing. Highly intelligent, it bores easily without variety in its training. These dogs can be a bit willful if they sense they are stronger minded than humans around them. Pugs are sensitive to the tone of your voice, so harsh punishment is unnecessary. They need an owner who is calm, yet firm, and consistent with the rules.

Pug Size:

Height: 25-30cm, Weight: 5-10kg

Pug Life Span:

12-15 years

Pug Temperament:

Pugs are a playful, confident and happy breed. They tend to be friendly with other dogs and good with children, given they are properly socialised as a puppy. Outgoing and sure of themselves, Pugs are affectionate individuals with a strong personality. They can be stubborn and headstrong but are eager to please their owner so with positive reinforcement and treats they tend to be fast learners.

Pug Grooming:

Pugs will require a brush once or twice a week. It is important to keep their nails trimmed to avoid impairing their walking ability, and to regularly check their eyes, ears and wrinkles to keep them clean and healthy.

Pug Exercise Requirements:

Pugs will require a daily walk as well as play time at home to spend their energy and keep their weight in check.