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Speagle (Cocker Spaniel x Beagle) Breed Information:

The Speagle, or Beaker, is a dog who is loved by everyone who meets it. At first, people are drawn to their striking appearance, but they soon fall for their quiet sweetness. They can be a little aloof and if they don't like you, you will know it. They can be easily intimidated by other dogs.

Speagle Size/Weight:

Height: 35-45cm, Weight: 8-13kg

Speagle Life Span:

12-15 years

Speagle Temperament:

Speagles are a happy, loyal and sociable breed. The Speagle is an intelligent dog and loves to be part of the action. They are a very affectionate, outgoing and playful breed, making them great for families with children and they generally get along well with other dogs, given they have been well socialised as a puppy. It is important to start training at a young age and to be firm and consistent, rewarding them with treats for good behaviour. They are easy going and will be happy to participate in whatever you are doing, whether its playing fetch in the back yard or curling up to watch a movie - whatever love you give them, they will give it back two-fold! 

Speagle Grooming:

As Speagles will have a short-medium coat a brush a few times a week is necessary and it is best to use a deshedding brush. Like all dog breeds with floppy ears it is important to make sure their ears are properly dried after their bath and ears and eyes are regularly checked and kept clean and nails trimmed.

Speagle Exercise Requirements:

Speagles have a fairly high energy level, so will require a walk every day. If they are well socialised and outgoing, it is also a good idea to take them to parks or other pet friendly areas, where they can interact with other dogs and people - being a very social breed, they can get a little stir crazy cooped up at home all the time.

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