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Vetafarm is Australia’s leading innovator in companion animal health and welfare. With all products being focused on improving animal welfare Vetafarm prides itself on producing the best for your pet, be it a bird, reptile, dog cat or small mammal.

Quality Control is integral to the production process at Vetafarm and the Quality Assurance group are charged with making sure only the best products leave the factories.

Vetafarm understand that the family pet is exactly that – family.

Due to their ability to innovate, the Vetafarm team are also used regularly by Australian Zoos to develop new ways to help improve zoo animal health. By using their vast knowledge of animal health needs, nutrition requirements and the technical ability to make unique products, Vetafarm are a valuable resource for zookeepers.

Check out our HUGE range of Vetafarm products here at Kellyville Pets. From Maintenance and nutriblend pellets, to Wormout gel and avain liquidator for your bird, to Herpaculture and Multical dust for your Dragon, Vetafarm is a top quality product that is sure to please!

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