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Searching for dogs for sale in NSW? Why not adopt a dog with Animal Welfare League NSW?

Dog adoption is the perfect solution for people who don’t want to worry about house training a dog, or being anxious of how the dog will behave around children. While dogs for sale in NSW may be an attractive option, dog adoption has many practical benefits.

With two successful Adoption Days under our belt, Kellyville Pets are gearing up for our 3rd Adoption Day on February 20, 2016. This February, we will be hosting alongside Animal Welfare League (AWL) NSW. AWL NSW is a registered charity that has been caring for surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals for over 55 years, and we have been a proud supporter for many years.

In partnership with AWL NSW, we already have the ‘Purrfect Partner Program’ established which rehomes rescue cats and kittens (a program that has successfully rehomed over 200 pets to-date). This Adoption Day brings with it the opportunity to meet the rescue dogs and puppies available via AWL NSW that would normally only be seen at their shelter.

There will be approximately 8-10 dogs in attendance on the day, all currently residing at an AWL NSW shelter. Some dogs have been there for more than 400 days patiently waiting for the right family to come along. All dogs available on the day for adoption through AWL NSW have been behaviour assessed before being matched with prospective owners to help ensure we find the right home for each pet. In addition, they are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, on flea control and have been wormed.

There is paperwork to be completed prior to adopting a dog, so if you are interested, please allow time to complete this on the day.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog, look no further than these beautiful dogs below



Zayn is a puppy in a bigger dog's body so is very boisterous and exploding with energy, something an experienced owner would understand. Having spent most of his life in the shelter, he's missed out on truly harnessing the joys of youth - and he's eagerly waiting to make up for missed time!

As an exceptionally intelligent dog who already knows most commands (sit/stay/drop/come/shake paw), he would be easily trained further and enjoy bonding over obedience training experiences (especially if there's food involved!!).

Zayn is a super intelligent ball of energetic fun. His favourite pastimes include playing with toys (especially tennis balls), bounding through any sort of water, playing hide and seek and attempting to fit himself into just about anybody's lap for a cuddle (he's a little stranger-friendly).

Zayn loves the outdoors, so would be happy being an outdoor dog as long as he receives heaps of affection, though in the past he did sleep indoors at night and likes to roll up into a blanket when he's ready to sleep.

Zayn is one of the most loyal, responsive dogs you will ever meet and would adore making you his one and only permanent family to protect and cuddle with - so no other dogs for this pup please!

Harry is looking for a special kind of owner!

He will need an active family as he is still very much a puppy in a big dog's body. He will need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. He is simply just a big softy with a lot of love to give! He is not suitable to live in a home with kids, however he would be OK with older active teenagers.

He will need lots of mental enrichment in the home and he loves food toys like Kongs to keep him busy!

He is looking for a home where he can relax with his new family and spend most of day with them. He would benefit from going to Positive reinforcement training with his new owner.

He may be suited to go to a home as a second dog if matched appropriately.

Ideally he would benefit from having someone that does not work full time so that they have more time to spend with him. He really is a special guy, so come and meet him!


Rusty hasn't had the best start to life so he will need to go to training school ASAP to learn some general obedience and manners. He is a typical bouncy puppy who wants to jump on your computer, go through all of your paperwork and play with any toy in the room. He is just a fun guy, waiting to shine. He will need to be in a mature home, no toddlers as he is a bit bouncy for them. He can be a little nervous around big, boisterous dogs because he hasn't met many, he is happy to come and say hi, but can be a little unsure.

He would love to be rehomed with another dog to build my confidence and be the best dog he can be. His new owner will need patience, time and energy as they will need to remember, Rusty is going through the puppy stage. Rusty is amazing and will be worth the effort.

MikeyMikey is a shy but charming handsome fellow!

If you take the time to get to know him and you have experience with shy dogs, you won't be disappointed. With some gentle guidance to help him come out of his shell he will be the most amazing loyal dog you will ever find! Due to his shyness his new home will need to be with no little ones as he may not cope with the attention.

He would truly love to go to positive reinforcement training classes with his new owners. This will help him continue to learn new tricks and build his confidence. He will be super easy to train due to his love of food, treats and all things tasty.

He would prefer all your attention and focus on him, so will need to be the only dog in the home.

If you are looking for an amazing, loyal guy, go ahead spend some time getting to know him. You won't be disappointed.

Are you looking for a golden oldie that's young at heart? Then look no further, Mason is your man! Despite my mature age, he is super excitable and playful - he loves toys of all sorts - tennis balls, squeaky toys and he loves tug-of-war!
He is quite a bouncy boy so for this reason he would best suit a family with older kids. He has been calm and quiet while at the shelter but is selective with which doggies he likes to be around. For this reason it is recommended Mason is an only dog.

When left alone please make sure you provide him with chew toys, a bone or a pig's ear to help him cope until you're back. He is afraid of storms so please bring him inside, put some music on and let him cuddle you (or vice versa).

Lucy is a gorgeous girl looking for love... is she the girl for you? Lucy is looking for an amazing home with mature owners to take her under their wing. She will need daily training and would love to go to positive reinforcement classes to continue to be the best gal she can be. If you are up for some love and cuddles, but also a great independent dog that can entertain herself, she could be the gorgeous lady for you! She will need to be the only animal in the home and focus all her attention on you. Can you resist this face??!

Don't miss out on our Adoption Day!

images courtesy of www.awlnsw.com.au