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Grooming your pets

All pets require some grooming for them to live a happy and healthy life. Different pets require different levels of grooming and some will happily groom themselves while others need you to do all their regular grooming for them.

All dogs should be bathed fortnightly at most as over- bathing can strip natural oils from their skin and coat. Brushing your dog every few days will promote skin and coat health while reducing matting and shedding. Long haired dogs or dogs with curly coats such as poodles require regular clipping to prevent the coat from matting or becoming too long to maintain. If you feel confident, this is something that can be done at home, otherwise the services of a professional groomer may be needed. Click here to view our dog grooming products.

Short haired cats require very little grooming. Cats love to groom themselves and will spend most of their day happily sitting in a sunny place while licking and pawing at themselves or each other to maintain a shiny, healthy coat. It is a good idea to regularly brush your cat to avoid them acquiring intestinal hairballs from swallowing too much dead coat. A hairball specific food can be fed to cats who get regular hairballs as this will help the cat pass hairballs naturally. If you plan on bathing your cat yourself, it is a good idea to start bathing cats as kittens so they develop a liking to water. Long haired cats will benefit greatly from professional clipping during the summer and regular baths and brushing. Click here to view our cat grooming products.

Birds like to groom themselves and their cage mates. Regular nail trims need to be performed by owners or a professional vet or groomer.

Reptiles maintain skin health by regularly shedding to reveal fresh healthy skin. It is important to provide a large water dish and a slightly more humid environment for your reptile during a shedding period.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice do most of their grooming themselves. Regular brushing is still essential for coat health, as well as nail trims to prevent scratches when handling your pets. Click here to view our small animals grooming products.

Grooming fish may seem like a silly concept but there are species of shrimp and salt water fish that can be kept in your aquarium that will clean algae and parasites off other fish to keep them clean and disease free.