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FREE Shipping Available! T&C's apply.
FREE Shipping Available! T&C's apply.

Our Covid-19 Safety Plan

We've made some changes to the way we're doing business to ensure we're looking after the health and safety of our staff, our customers and our community. Please keep the following in mind when visiting our store.

We are a registered COVID Safe Business.

We have sinks out the front of our store, allowing all customers to wash and dry their hands prior to entering.

Sanitiser is available upon entry and in various locations throughout the store.

We are practicing and encouraging social distancing in-store, at all times.

We are sanitising regularly touched surfaces throughout the day.

We regulate door traffic on weekends to ensure we remain under our store limit and are compliant with the 4 square metre law. 

Some parts of the store have been sectioned off and can only be accessed with staff supervision and sometimes only by appointment.

All livestock sales are Monday to Friday only and by appointment. This excludes fish but there is restricted access to certain areas and people may have to queue to access fish on weekends.

We are encouraging people to shop in groups of 3 or less to minimise wait time outside the store for other shoppers.

When possible, we are asking our customers to pay using card, rather than cash. 

Staff all wear face masks on weekends and we encourage customers to do the same.  

We encourage people to plan their visit to reduce browse time in-store.  

We are encouraging online shopping as much as possible.

Please do not visit the store if you or a family member is unwell, particularly with any flu like symptoms.

If you have any questions, please call us on 02 9629 3282. Thank you for your understanding!