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Get Started With Your Very Own DIY Pet ID Tag

Step 1: Choose A Tag

Whether you're looking for something simple, or completely over-the-top, we've got the perfect tag for your pet! Explore our diverse range of colours, shapes and styles online now! 

Step 2: Set Number of Lines

Some of our tags can be engraved on the front & back and others can only be engraved on the back. Each face can accommodate at least 2 lines, allowing you to display all the necessary information.  

Step 3: Enter Text For Each Line

All tags should include the name of your pet, as well as your phone number and/or address. There is a 15 character limit per line, so keep this in mind when entering your details.

Step 4: Choose A Font

It's time to get creative! We only have three fonts to choose from, but this selection can make all the difference! 

Step 5: Add To Cart

Once you're finished crafting your creation, all that's left to do is Add to Cart and complete your order details. The team at Kellyville Pets will take care of the rest! 

Why Are Pet ID Tags so Important? 

For many of us, our pets are our family and the thought of one of them going missing is something out of a nightmare. The reality is that sometimes pets do get out, and sadly, many of these pets are never reunited with their families. This is because some microchips do fail, and the individual who finds your pet is often unable or unwilling to take them to a shelter or vet.

So why not give your pet the best chance of coming home, by getting them their very own DIY Pet ID tag? After all, it is a legal requirement (in most States of Australia - including NSW) that all dogs must have a Pet ID tag when outside their own property. These ID tags must show the dog's name as well as the address and/or phone number of its owners.

Here at Kellyville Pets, we make things easy for you. Simply select a style, choose a colour and then enter your details. Add to cart, complete your order and we'll take care of the rest! 

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