4 weeks FREE insurance for your puppy or kitten!

*Available for animals from 8 weeks of age and before their 1st birthday.

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Why Pet Insurance? 

  • Advances in veterinary medicine means your vet can do more for your pet but treatment can be expensive. 
  • Pet insurance allows you to budget monthly rather than face unexpected bills that you might not be able to afford. 
  • Having pet insurance means you can concentrate on what's best for your pet rather than worrying about the veterinary bills. 

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Your Benefits*  Your Cover 
Veterinary Fees for injury and illness including hospitalisation and referral Up to $3,000
Death from Injury Up to $500
Death from Illness Up to $500
Advertising and reward Up to $400

*Subject to acceptance criteria, terms, conditions and exclusions may apply. 


  • 4 weeks free cover from the moment you sign up, with no obligation 
  • Available for puppies and kittens from 8 weeks of age and before their 1st birthday 
  • The insurance is valid for a period of 4 weeks from the date and time the store activates the policy 
  • $150 excess applies for a claim payout

Why trust Petplan?

  • We are tthe world's No.1 pet insurance provider. At Petplan we specialise in pet insurance - in fact more pets around the world are covered with us than any other pet insurance provider (Datamonitor - November 2009) 
  • We have a strong relationship with the veterinary profession, allowing us to settle your claim directly to your vet* (conditions apply) 
  • We have a range of policies to suit your budget and needs. Our Covered for Life policy covers vet fees for re-occurring conditions for life.

    - Cover is provided up to a set amount for veterinary fees each year which is renewed at the start of each policy year.

    - As long as you continue to renew the policy without a break in cover, there is no limit on how long you can claim for each illness or injury.

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