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AquaPro Algaway Bionatural - 500mL

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The Bionatural Algaway has been specifically designed with natural products, plants extracts and bacteria strains to ensure that there is no harmful effects on anything other than the algae you want to get rid of.

One bottle of this treatment is able to treat up to 12500 litres, allowing 1mL to treat 25 litres of pond water. Being a Bionatural product, it can take up to four weeks of treating you algae before you can discern a distinct difference in your pond algae problem.

It is recommend to have your pump running 24/7 whilst treating your algae problem to ensure the treatment works efficiently and effectively. Best used as a maintenance or preventative treatment after initially treating your pond with the Aquapro Algaway.

  • 1 Bottle treats 12500 Litres
  • Effectively prevents/eliminates your algae problem
  • Harmless to pets, plants and people
  • Concentrated Formula for multiple doses
  • Visible results within 4 weeks

Size: 500mL