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Marine Angelfish For Sale

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Marine Angelfish Scientific Name: Pomacanthidae
Marine Angelfish Common Name: Angel Fish
Marine Angelfish Diet: Omnivore
Marine Angelfish Water Type: Salt
Marine Angelfish Optimum pH Level: 8- 8.5
Marine Angelfish Life Span: 8- 15 years
Marine Angelfish Size: 7-10cm

Marine angelfish are known to be relatively difficult fish to keep in household aquariums, as they require very specific water conditions. Angelfish are very susceptible to changes in the water such as salt levels and pH levels, and will often die if changes are too drastic.

Marine Angelfish Habitat:

Marine angelfish are generally found in shallow reefs in depths of up to 50 meters. Marine angelfish are reported to be almost fearless and are noted to be inquisitive and curious towards divers. Some species of marine angelfish are solitary by nature where other species of angelfish form territorial mating pairs or even groups. The groups of marine angelfish usually have one male and a number of females.

Marine Angelfish Breeding:

Unlike the freshwater angelfish, marine angelfish lay their tiny eggs straight into the water. The angelfish eggs float in the sea, becoming mixed in with the plankton, until they hatch. Unfortunately a vast number of marine angelfish eggs are inadvertently eaten by those many animals that feed on the plankton in the water.

Marine Angelfish Colours:

Marine angelfish are most well known for the bright colours and patterns on their bodies. Marine angelfish vary in colour and size depending on the species of marine angelfish, although it is known that the patterns and colours of marine angelfish change drastically as they get older. It is believed that these colour changes indicate the position of the marine angelfish, within the marine angelfish social hierarchy.

Marine Angelfish Food: 

Marine angelfish graze on algae on coral reefs and rocks are well as eating smaller fish and crustaceans such as shrimp and small species of prawn.

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