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Basking Day Light 75W

Get Your Pet Right 75Watt

  • Natural Warmth 
  • The UVA rays emitted can motivate reptiles to breed 
  • Increase the temperature to aid in the digestion of food 
  • Excellent for diurnal viewing of all types of captive reptiles and amphibians 

 Works with-

  • GYPR Clip Lamp Fixture 
  • GYPR Angle Join Clamp Lamp 
  • GYPR Angle Join Socket 

Suitable for desert & diurnal reptiles and amphibians

(i.e. central bearded dragon, central netted dragon, lace monitor)

**please keep in mind during the warmer weather that while its great to get your reptiles out in the sun, they are extremely sensitive to heat! Make sure you monitor your reptiles while they are outside, and only sun them for short increments! 



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