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Bio Culture Standard 100ml

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Bio-Culture is the new formulation of pure strains of bacteria used to start your aquatic biofilter. Previously separate strains for both freshwater and marine fishtanks needed to be used to compensate for different environmental factors. Bioculture contains 3 types of bacteria that are suitable for both fresh and saltwater biofilter inoculation, in one bottle. Bio-culture not only eliminates the need for specified strains, it is also far more effective at reducing the down time in starting biological filters, in most cases enabling them to be started up within 2 to 3 days depending on temperature and ammonium availability. Fish may be stocked and fed lightly in their new fishtank. Holding facilities must ensure that the bio filter is fully cycled and producing nitrate prior to loading. This can be done by providing a newly seeded biofilter with an Ammonium source. Aquasonic also provide both freshwater and marine products which will provide this Ammonium source : Bio Start and Marine Start.
In the Bio Culture mix there are 3 strains of bacteria:
1.Bacillus Strains- these bacteria assimilate waste enhancing the nitrogen cycle and improving water quality in aquariums.
2.Nitrosospira (Multiformis) converts Ammonia to Nitrite
3.Nitrospira (Marina) converts Nitrite to Nitrate.

Through the study of biological filters and nitrifying systems it has been found that over time, these strains take over the population of the biofilter and/or substrate. The original widely known strains of bacteria for freshwater (Nitrosomonas & Nitrobacter) and saltwater (Nitrococcus and Nitrosococcus) aquariums are not as efficient at nitrifying and are proven to have slower process times then the strains in Bio-culture.
Initial dose + maintenance dose: Bio Culture Standard 5m/ 50L of system volume . Follow up 2 to 3 weeks later ½ dose.
Bio Culture Concentrate 1 ml / 50L . Follow up dose 2 to 3 weeks later ½ dose.
Size: 100ml


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