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Bird Harness & Lead Macaw (XXL)

The McDonald Harness & Lead is an easy to use Harness that allows you to take your bird anywhere.

BIRD HARNESSES are made from soft flat Polypropylene webbing and are designed to keep your bird secure when out of the cage.

We have deliberately sized our harnesses and limited the amount of additional metal accessories, so that it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Available in the following sizes:

Small – suits small cockatiels, scaly-breasted lorikeets & similar
Medium – suits cockatiels, conures, rainbow lorikeets & similar
Large – suits ringneck parrots & similar
XL – suits eclectus parrots, alexandrines & similar
XXL – suits maccaws & similar.

Using a bird Harness:
To get you bird into the Harness will take a little time and patience. Never just grab your bird and struggle with him to get it in the harness. This will make the bird associate the harness with a bad experience. Offer a food/treat reward and slowly step by step introduce the harness. You may not get the harness on the bird the first, second or third time of trying, but eventuality with patience you will succeed.

Size: XXL- for Macaws and similar sized birds.


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