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Bird Perch 8 foot Natural

This unique Australian organically grown, hand harvested bespoke stick, is not just a stick!

It's a BIG stick and that's why you have to come in store to see it as our courier is quick at delivering items, but has trouble fitting 8 foot sticks in his van. We also believe the earth's oil supply would be depleted by the plastic required to wrap this stick.

Finding the ideal perch for your aviary can be difficult, especially when you need a big one. Our natural wood bird perches are an excellent addition to your pets enclosure. 

Birds spend a great amount of time on perches. In the wild, birds perch on rough, textured perches of various thickness, for easy grip and proper exercise of the feet.

To accommodate this fact, we stock a range of natural wood bird perches sourced exclusively for Kellyville Pets which are perfect for the nature lovers! It will literally make your pet bird feel like he is out in the wild.

Size: (length) 8 foot/240cm x (diameter) 5cm
Please note: Due to its length, this item is available for pick up in-store only.


CODE: 26721

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