Bourke Parrot

These birds are commonly known as Bourke's Parakeets, Bourke's Parrots, or simply "Bourkies." They are named for Sir Richard Bourke, who was governor of Australia's New South Wales territory during the 1800's.

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About Bourke Parrots

Bourke Parrot Information:

Bourke Parrot Size:

Small-Medium 18-20cm

Bourke Parrot Life Span:

15 years

Bourke Parrot Temperament:

Known as a very sweet, gentle, and good-natured species, Bourke's Parakeets make incredible pets when hand fed as babies and bonded to their human caretakers. Those who own Bourke's Parakeets report that while they are very intelligent birds, they are also very mellow and quiet, preferring to chatter to themselves rather than screaming out like other parrot species.

Bourke Parrot Grooming:

Regular wing clipping is recommended to prevent flying away or any injuries to the bird.
Giving your Bourke the opportunity to bathe is important. Frequent bathing serves several purposes. It prevents dry skin, softens the keratin coating which helps with moulting, and keep your bird bright and clean.
Your bird should have access to a bathing dish with fresh water every day.

Bourke Parrot Feeding:

Bourke's Parakeets are what is called "Grass Parakeets," meaning that in the wild they forage for food among the grass. This leads them to consume a diet based mainly on seed, grasses, and other plant matter, interspersed with fruits, berries, insects, and other types of food when available. To properly feed a pet Bourke's Parakeet, it is recommended you offer them a small parrot seed mix meant for Budgies and birds of similar size. Supplement with a variety of fresh fuit & Veg daily, in order to provide the bird with balanced nutrition.

Bourke Parrot Cage:

Bourkes can be quite active little birds, and should be allowed time outside their cage each day to play, explore, and stretch their wings.

The cage should be as large as possible. The height of the cage is less important than the width and length. Your bird needs to be able to flap its wings without risking injury. Ideally the minimum length and width should be 100cm. This size will give more room for your bird to fly from one side to the other.

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