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Budgie Starter Passwell 500g

Passwell Budgie Starter is a nutritionally balanced, high protein conditioning food for budgies.

Key Features

Specifically formulated high protein diet to enhance the nutrition of breeding budgies.
Enriched with omega-3&6, vitamins and minerals for improved egg quality and chick health.
Can be used as a conditioning food for young, sick or malnourished budgies.


Ground and whole cereals, ground vegetables, whey and soy proteins, mannan oligosaccharides, ß-glucans, lysine, methionine, vegetable oils, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (including EPA & DHA), carotenoids, taurine, vitamins A, B1,B2,B6, B12,C,D3,E,K, nicotinamide, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, choline, inositol, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium.


To feed as a moist crumble:
Mix 20g of Budgie Starter (2 level tablespoons) with 5ml (1 teaspoon) of warm water. Slowly add the water to the powder while mixing to form a moist crumbly mix (as per the consistency shown above). Do not make into a paste.

To feed with soaked seed or vegetables:

Mix 10g (1 level tablespoon) of Budgie Starter with 20g (2 heaped tablespoons) of soaked/sprouted seed or finely chopped/grated vegetables.

Prepare food fresh each day. We do not advise storing food in the fridge overnight as it can become contaminated with micro-organisms.

Other Species:

Budgie starter is an excellent soft food for other small parrots such as Neophemas, Bourkes, Red-rumps, Hooded & Mulga Parrots. Larger parrots may benefit from using Passwell Parrot Soft Food.


Budgie Starter is ideal to be used as a weaning food for hand-reared budgies when transitioning from Passwell Hand Rearing Food to a solid diet. Older birds will also readily transition from Budgie Starter to Passwell Crumbles by mixing the two products together, and then gradually increasing the proportion of Crumbles.


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