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Pupstyle Dog Parent Bum Bag Creme Brulee

SKU 48985
Ever wondered why you're only blessed with two hands when you've got the dog's lead in one, you're juggling your morning coffee in the other and then your phone starts ringing?

Until evolution gives us another pair of hands each, there's an accessory for every 'need more hands' situation. Babies have a nappy bag. And Dog Parents have this Creme Brulee Dog Parent Bum Bag. It's just how it goes.

It's for Dog Parents like you who need a solution for your regular awkward fumbling (which for us, always ends up in a cracked phone screen) and want to look just as cute as your pooch.

"It has pockets!" Yep, lots of them. There's a pocket for your roll of fancy biodegradable poop bags, a pocket for your phone, your treats, your dog's treats, your wallet, a tennis ball, a foldable water bowl - heck, there's even a dedicated clasp for your keys, a spot for your credit cards and space for your camera if you're old school.

It has:
  • Four zipped pockets, including a hidden inner pocket for small valuables
  • Integrated key clasp so you don't lose track of your house or car key
  • A carabiner to attach your matching leash for hands-free walking*
  • A quick-access slot to reach poop bags from the front - no need to open the zip
  • Marine-grade strong nylon waist strap that fits from women's Size AU6 -AU20 (men's Size 82-117) around the waist
  • Enough room to fit your phone, a tennis ball, a travel water bowl, treats, poop bags, keys, ... you get the picture

Match it to your dog's cute Creme Brulee walking outfit!

*The Hands-Free walking function is rated to a strength of 300kg but should only be used when connected to the D-Ring on the handle of the matching Creme Brulee Leash. It should not be used with large dogs that are strong pullers. It is designed for running or loose-lead walking.

Material & care:

  • Easy to spot clean with a soapy sponge
  • If full washing is required, machine wash 0-30degrees Celsius in a delicates bag