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Canister Filter EFX 800

Aquamanta EFX 800 Canister Filter:
The Aquamanta EFX 800 is an external filtration system that is quiet and reliable. The real new and unique feature of this filter is the integrated self-priming pump which provides a total hassle-free setup and effortless restarting of the filter by the simple push of a button. The ceramic noodles, ceramic substrate and sponges included in the system provide biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. The quick release tap system allows for fast mess free maintenance.
Suitability : Coldwater, Tropical, or Marine fishtanks and aquariums
Dimensions : 38x26x33cm
Specs :Volt: 220-240V AC: 50Hz, Wattage: 24W
Flow Rate: 800L/hr
Aquarium volume: 250L
Max. head height: 1.5m


CODE: 19475

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