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Living World Clay Cal

Clay-Cal contains a type of clay called montmorillonite clay, which is a type of bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is a type of volcanic clay that has highly absorbent properties. It can even suck up microscopic crud. Living World milled this stuff for parrots and passerines and combine it with charcoal and calcium.
Here’s what it does: When you feed it to your birds by sprinkling it on your bird’s food a couple of times a week, it passes through their digestive system and absorbs toxic secondary compounds and impurities. Not everything we absorb and are exposed to is good for us. It’s the same with our birds. If your birds chew on wood toys, branches or perches, they are going to pick up fungi, more bacteria, tannins in the wood and mostly likely a few other undesirables along the way. Clay-Cal has the ability to pass through your bird, pick up and hold all of these impurities and crud and safely carry it out in their waste. This is not grit and will not impact the crop.


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