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Dine-A-Chook 4L Drinker

SKU 22195

Good coop management begins with cleanliness. You cannot have a clean coop when chickens spill their drinking water, creating wet litter and a breeding ground for disease. Dine a Chook’s 4 Litre Twin Cup Chicken Drinker is designed to prevent spills and to provide your chickens with clean, fresh water. Perfect for flocks of up to 12 birds, it is an essential addition to the backyard chicken coop. 

  • Measures 545mm in height. 
  • Suitable for most standard chicken coops. 
  • UV-resistant to prevent algae-growth. 
  • Made from industrial-strength PVC for durability. 
  • Parts snap together and are glue-free. 
  • German-made Lubing Cup water delivery system is the world leader for backyard poultry. 
  • All Lubing Cups feature an up-graded Dine a Chook float for better water delivery. 
  • Fitted with Twin Cups to service up to 12 chickens. 
  • Engineered to prevent chickens from contaminating the water with dirt and feed. 
  • Top-filling for convenience. 
  • Moulded mounting hooks for easy installation.