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Discus Scientific Name: Symphysodon
Discus Common Name: Discus
Discus Size: 20- 25cm 
Discus Diet: Omnivore
Discus Water Type: Fresh
Discus Optimum pH Level: 5.5 - 6.5
Discus Life Span: 8- 20 years
Discus Fun Fact: One of the only schooling Cichlids!

Discus Origin:

Colloquially known as Discus, is a genus of Cichlids native to the Amazon river basin. Due to their distinctive shape and bright colors, discus are popular as freshwater aquarium fish, and their aquaculture in several countries in Asia is a major industry.

Discus features:

All Symphysodon species have a laterally compressed body shape. However, extended finnage is absent giving these fish a more rounded shape. It is this body shape from which their common name, 'discus', is derived. The sides of the fish are frequently patterned in shades of green, red, brown, and blue. The height and length of the grown fish are both about 20–25 cm.)



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