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Fido's Flea Bomb 125g

An insecticide dog flea bomb fogger which contains Permethrin to kill adult and pre-adults fleas in both commercial and domestic situations. Contains the long acting IGR Methoprene which prevents fleas from breeding for up to 9 months. A 125g can treats 2 average rooms (50m2).

For best results read the directions for use carefully.

1. Vacuum all areas before treatment and don't vacuum for 5 days afterwards.
2. If you wish to shampoo your carpet during the year, do it in the winter months as shampooing removes the Methoprene.
3. Open all internal doors. Also spread out your pets bedding and lift bedspreads and ruffles to enable the mist to penetrate all areas where fleas, eggs and larvae may hide.
4. Close all external doors and windows and remove all pets. Cover fish tank.
5. Plastics and acrylics such as stereo covers, spectacles and the like must be covered as solvents used in this product affect these surfaces. The solvents will eventually evaporate after outside doors and windows are opened.
6.Fido's Flea Bomb should not be placed on highly polished furniture without standing it on newspaper. 

Is there a 'best time' to use Fido's Flea Bomb?
Yes! While the Methoprene lasts for up to 9 months, an application in Sept/Oct and another in Jan/Feb will ensure the best control for the whole flea season.

Because fleas get a free ride into your home via your pet, it is wise to treat your pet weekly as part of your total flea control programme. 


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