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Floating Jellyfish Large

These Aqua One Floating Jellyfish ornaments simulate life-like movement in the aquarium water. They feature an easy suction cap installation.

These large life like jellyfish are sure to make people do a double-take on your fish tank to see if they are real or not.

Directions: Wash jellyfish gently in warm clean water (DO NOT use detergents or cleaners of any type). Arrange around the aquarium by securing suction cups to either base or walls of the aquarium. These Floating Jellyfish will surely hypnotise you with their beauty. The Floating Jellyfish twirls with the aquariums current creating a captivating display. When matched with LED lighting, the colours are accentuated creating a spectacularly mesmerizing display. This will surely liven up any aquarium, making it the perfect addition!

Colours: Blue, Yellow and Orange- 3 pack


CODE: 11050

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