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Forest Fusion Lori Diet 2kg

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Forest Fusion Lori Diet 2kg


A wild lorikeet has to work for its food, flying from tree to tree and foraging for a large portion of their day. Our pet lorikeets on the other hand, only have to hop over to their feed bowl. In addition, while wild diets do contain sugar, they do not contain sugars that humans have chemically refined – so why are we feeding our pet birds that do comparatively little exercise, a diet brimming with refined sugar? Because our birds love the taste and refined sugar is cheap!


When formulating a new lorikeet diet, Vetafarm’s nutritionists took a different approach. By avoiding processed foods, by-products and refined sugars, we developed Forest Fusion. A far cry from the traditional refined sugar and breadcrumb mixes of the past, Forest Fusion contains wholesome low GI ingredients as a base, along with Australian bee pollen, real fruits, vitamins, minerals and organic acids.

Forest Fusion does NOT contain refined sugars, instead it is flavoured with the natural sweetness of real dates and blueberry extract.


Vetafarm have used real dates, Eucalyptus bee pollen and blueberry extract to achieve a sweet food without the need for refined sugar. However, some lorikeets have developed what can only be considered an addiction to refined sugar. These birds may need to be converted onto Forest Fusion gradually – but it is certainly achievable!

Converting your Lorikeet onto a low sugar diet:

Converting a Lorikeet from a food high in refined sugar, to a formula that contains much less, or no refined sugar is simple. However some birds may need some time and patience on your behalf. Vetafarm has a number of great foods and while we are focused specifically on Forest Fusion in this article, this technique will work for any of our Lorikeet diets.


First offer Forest Fusion in a separate bowl along with your bird’s regular formula and simply observe their response. Most Lorikeets will investigate a new food and try it first. Many will readily consume Forest Fusion without delay. If this is the case with your Lorikeet, simply change to the new formula and your job is done!

If you observe some head flicking, this usually translates to “what is that taste in my mouth!”. It doesn’t mean the conversion has failed, just that the taste and texture is very different to your birds previous high sugar diet. Give them a day with the formula to give it a decent try.

After tasting Forest Fusion, if your bird decides that they’re sticking to their old high sugar diet we need to take the next step in the conversion process.


Conversion tip! Try offering some wet Forest Fusion from your hand or on a favourite treat.

Mix 75% of the old diet with 25% new diet and place the mix in the bird’s regular food bowl. You can do this wet or dry, depending on how you usually feed your bird.

Conversion-Process: the next 5 days, when preparing food gradually decrease the old formula and increase the amount of Forest Fusion by about 10% each day.

By day 5, 75% of the mix should be Forest Fusion. If your bird is eating this mix happily, then try straight Forest Fusion the following day. Be sure you still make fruit and vegetables available throughout the conversion process.

Conversion tip! New foods can be easier to introduce as a wet mix, rather than a dry powder.
Remember to monitor your bird throughout the process until you are confident they are happily eating your new Vetafarm formula.

With a little patience and perseverance, even the fussiest sugar addict can be swayed to a low sugar Vetafarm diet. Then it’s just a matter of sitting back and enjoying the good times with your feathered friend.


Formulated by veterinarians and made with fresh Australian ingredients, Vetafarm’s Forest Fusion Lorikeet diet has been developed with NO artificial colours, NO refined sugars and NO by-products. Instead our vets and nutritionists used wholesome foods that include naturally low GI carbohydrates along with real, delicious dates, bee pollen and blueberry extract, achieving a natural sweetness and amazing taste for lorikeets.

Size: 2kg