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Axolotl Scientific Name: Ambystoma Mexicanum
Axolotl Common Name: Axolotl, Walking Fish
Axolotl Size: 15- 45cm
Axolotl Diet: Carnivore
Axolotl Water Type: Fresh
Axolotl Life Span: 10-20 years

The axolotl is a medium-sized amphibian that is only found in one complex of lakes that are close to Mexico City in south-central Mexico.

The axolotl is today kept as a popular freshwater aquarium pet all around the world. He has a flat-shaped broad head that is much wider than his body. The axolotl also has feathery gills which protrude from either side of the head, allowing the axolotl to breath under water. As with newts and salamanders, axolotls are able to regenerate limbs that become damaged or detached meaning that axolotls have been extensively used in scientific experiments around the world.

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