Guide To Neophema & Mutations

Dr Alain Campagne has been keeping birds since the 1970s and since 2000 has been seriously involved in the breeding of Neophema and Neopsephotus species. He is one of the growing number of 'modern' aviculturists who have embraced the internet and participate in international forums. These global discussions have evolved and expanded with the internet and have been the impetus for the universal naming system for parrot mutations now in widespread use around the world.
The early sections of the book provide all the basic information which any new breeder of Neophema and Neopsephotus species. Avian veterinarian Dr Bob Doneley has contributed a thorough Health and Disease section with plenty of information specific to these species of parrots. Dr Campagne then discusses pigmentation, mutations and genetics, in general terms, so that the reader can understand what the different names mean and how they produce their colours in different birds.

Contents include:
Captivity, Housing - Conventional; Suspended; Breeding Cages; Perches; Maintenance; Nestboxes
Feeding - Seeds; Complete Foods; Egg Mix; Greenfoods; Vegetables; Fruits; Sprouts; Supplements
Breeding - Acquiring Birds; Quarantine; Gender; Preparation; Laying; Banding; Records; Handrearing; Feeding; Transportation, Health and Disease, Common Problems - Medications
Part One - Droppings; Appetite; Posture; Feathers; Skin; Wings; Head; Examination; Paediatrics
Part Two - Infectious Diseases; Non-infectious Diseases, Plumage, Pigments, Colours and Colour Mutations
Displaying Colours - Plumage; Pigments; Colour
Colour Mutations
Primary Mutations - Sex-linked Recessive; Autosomal Recessive; Autosomal Dominant; Autosomal Co-dominant; Combination. Some of the species in this book inlcude; Bourke's Parrot, Turquoisine Parrot, Elegant Parrot, Blue-winged Parrot, Rock Parrot and the Orange-bellied Parrot.


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